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    HOTEL ROOM - NIGHT Barris, now in a hotel terrycloth bathrobe and a porkpie hat, sits at a desk and types manically. I am responsible for polluting the airwaves with mind- numbing, puerile entertainment. I have written pop songs, I have been a television producer. His mother stands by anxiously as the boy totters on the animal. O.) Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1931, my early childhood remains accessible to me only as a series of elliptical, enigmatic memories. BUTCHER SHOP - DAY A smiling butcher hands a slice of bologna to young Barris, who puts it in his mouth. CHILDHOOD HOME - DAY Four year old Chuck sits at the dining room table with several other four year olds. Barris's father, a milquetoast middle-aged man enters in birthday hat, carrying a cake decorated with four lit candles. BARRIS (CONT'D) Phoebe's no Walter Page, huh, Tuvia? TAXI CAB - NIGHT The back of the cab is filled with even more bags and boxes. The young man gets out and confers with a shady looking guy on the corner. THE GONG SHOW Chuck Barris is being sniffed in the crotch by a large dog. We pull back to reveal we're in a darkened, messy hotel room.

    ACTUAL BARRIS When you're young, your potential is infinite. CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND a screenplay by Charlie Kaufman based on CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND an unauthorized biography by Chuck Barris third draft (revised) May 5, 1998 MUSIC IN: OMINOUS ORCHESTRAL TEXT, WHITE ON BLACK: This film is a reenactment of actual events. Barris's private journals, public records, and hundreds of hours of taped interviews. NYC STREET - NIGHT SUBTITLE: NEW YORK CITY, FALL 1981 It's raining. A passing street light momentarily illuminates the list and we glimpse a few of the entries: double-coated waterproof fuse (500 feet); .38 ammo (hollowpoint configuration); potato chips (Lays). Chuck Barris, age 50, hat pulled over his eyes, dances out from the wings to comfort the agitated performer. CAB - CONTINUOUS Looking in his rearview mirror, the cab driver checks out his passenger: a sweaty young man in a gold blazer with a "P" insignia over his breast pocket. The young man is immersed in the scrawled list he clutches in his hand. GONG SHOW An excerpt from The Gong Show (reenacted). We watch a fat man recite Hamlet, punctuating his soliloquy with loud belching noises. The cab driver waits, listens to staticky reports in a foreign language on his radio.

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